Great British Pea Week

How can you get involved?

There are loads of ways that you can get involved and spread the love for peas.

With 2019โ€™s new emoji line up featuring an onion, a garlic bulb, and even more obscurely, falafel, we’re looking to rally up support during Great British Pea Week for a new character and asking that supporters register their interest by signing our pea-tition.

Do you want to see the Great British Pea in the next batch of emojis? The get signing!

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Get Cooking!

One of the many reasons we love our British frozen peas so much is because they can be added to so many yummy dishes. Over the years, we have been creating tasty new recipes for our fellow pea lovers out there to try at home – whether itโ€™s a starter, main, lunch, side dish or just a snack!

So to make things even easier for you โ€“ and to celebrate Great British Pea Week of course – we’ve put together a deliciously diverse 7-day menu guide that’s bursting with the great British pea, and will no doubt put your usual weekly meal prep to shame.

Why not give these a go from home and let us know how you get on! Tag us on our social channels or use the #GreatBritishPeaWeek or #GBPW and you may just get a shout out from us!

Other ways to get involved!

Weโ€™ve put together some suggestions for you, but why not let us know your ideas via Facebook or Twitter?

  • Take to social media channels to fly the flag for the Great British Pea!
  • Check out our Facts and Figures page for lots of interesting info!
  • Forget tea parties, what about a pea party!?
  • Why not encourage your family to cook a reci-pea a day for all 7 days of Great British Pea Week?

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