Pea Emoji

With 2019s new emoji line up featuring an onion, a garlic bulb, and even more obscurely, falafel, we’ve been rallying up support during Great British Pea Week for a new character and asking that supporters register their interest by signing our pea-tition.

Emojis have become central to our methods of communication – according to AdWeek, 92% of online consumers use emojis in their everyday messaging, and this is credited to helping them more accurately express their feelings or sentiments.

We also took our efforts to the big smoke and took a human pea-pod took to the streets of London to highlight the importance of the pea-moji. Holding up a placard to explain the plea of the campaign, the pea-pod set up outside Downing St to alert No.10 to the need for a peamoji.

Do you want to see the Great British Pea in the next batch of emojis? The get signing!

Sign our petition here!

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