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A little bit about Yes Peas!

Twelve years ago, no one was talking about peas. Despite almost everyone having a packet in their freezer, and although the pea was doing nothing to offend anyone, it felt like it had become something we took for granted. That never makes for a good relationship.

So, those who love the pea the most – those whose dedication and diligence brings the freshest frozen peas to our tables – decided to do something about it.

The farmers who work tirelessly round the clock, the manufacturers who produce the hi-tech machinery, the freezer specialists who ensure the majority of peas go from field to frozen in just 150 minutes – they all came together to launch Yes Peas! It takes precise collaboration and a passion for quality to get the best crop and deliver it to plates across the country, and with that in mind, the humble pea deserves to be shouted about.

From exciting events like the Young Pea Chef of the Year and Great British Pea Week, to recipes and interesting facts, Yes Peas! aims to help you reignite your passion for frozen peas, making peas the main event – and not just a bit on the side.

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