About FareShare

FareShare is the UK’s biggest charity fighting hunger and food waste – diverting surplus food, which would otherwise go to waste, onto people at risk of hunger via our network of frontline charities and community groups nationwide.

FareShare provides food to nearly 11,000 charities and community groups across the UK – including school breakfast clubs, community centres, homeless shelters and food banks. We do this through our 30 warehouses, and our digital platform called FareShare Go.

FareShare have been on the frontline of the pandemic, during which we have redistributed:

  • 55,000 tonnes of food,
  • which is the equivalent of 132 million meals,
  • or 4 meals a second.

Shula Granville, Commercial Manager at FareShare, said: “We’re so pleased to be partnering with the British Growers Association to raise awareness of Great British Pea Week.

“Every donation to FareShare makes a difference and helps us support people who are vulnerable. Each £1 donated (or 100p!) will help deliver enough food for 4 meals.

For more information about FareShare, visit www.FareShare.org.uk. Registered Charity Number: 1100051

From Field to Fork!

Do you ever wonder what kind of journey your food has been on to reach your dinner table? Or how long it’s taken to grow? Well take a look at the graphic below to follow the journey of the Mighty Pea and find out more about where it has been over the last few months!

Click the image to download it.

Pea Plant