Learning about Peas

We’re used to enjoying peas in our tasty meals, but how much do we really know about the Mighty Green Pea? For example, did you know that, on average everyone in Britain eats nearly 9,000 peas per year? Or that first peas were frozen by Clarence Birdseye who invented the ‘plate froster’ to preserve foods in the 1920’s?

In this area of the Ha-Pea Zone, you’ll find lots of activities to help you learn more about peas as well as lots of fun games and quizzes to keep you busy.

You’ll also find out a bit more about the farmers who work tirelessly round the clock, the manufacturers who produce the hi-tech machinery, the freezer specialists who ensure the majority of peas go from field to frozen in just 150 minutes. It takes precise collaboration and a passion for quality to get the best crop and deliver it to plates across the country, and with that in mind, the humble pea deserves to be shouted about.

If you want to find out more about how to grow your own peas from home – head over to our Growing Peas section for lots of hints and tips!

From Field to Fork!

Do you ever wonder what kind of journey your food has been on to reach your dinner table? Or how long it’s taken to grow? Well take a look at the graphic below to follow the journey of the Mighty Pea and find out more about where it has been over the last few months!

Click the image to download it.

The Game Zone

Looking for some fun and educational games to pass the time over the coming weeks? We’ve got lots of activities for both kids and parents to download and play together.

Pea Plant