Frequently Asked Questions

As much as we try to tell you about everything the Yes Peas team is working on and our ongoing initiatives, we know sometimes we don’t manage to answer every possible question, so we’ve had a go at answering some more below:

1. How soon after sending through my donation details will I receive my pack?

You will receive your adoption pack within 14 days of submitting your donation details to us.

2. How much do I need to donate?

We ask that you donate a minimum of £1 (or £100p!), but if you which to donate more than this to FareShare, please feel free to do so.

3. Where is my pea field located?

We are working with growers and farmers across the UK, and your field will be located anywhere along the east coast, from Essex to North of Dundee.

4. What is the initiative in aid of?

We’d like to encourage people – young and old – to play their part in driving awareness of Great British Pea Week, a week in which the vining pea industry joins forces to champion the humble frozen pea. This year, we’re partnering with FareShare as food waste is something for everyone’s agenda and reducing food waste is something we can all do. Frozen vegetables such as peas are a fantastic ingredient that can be the star of the dish, and you only take what you need!

5. How do I go about Adopting a Pea Field?

Just click this link which will take you through to our page which outlines everything you need to do – it’s really simple but if you have any problems, please email

6. What is Great British Pea Week?

Great British Pea Week, running from 5th to 11th July 2021, is an annual celebration of peas! It aims to increase awareness and understanding of the provenance and heritage of peas, giving British consumers a reason to celebrate the little green nutritional wonders during harvesting time.

Registered Charity Number: 1100051

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