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6 December, 2021

With the most wonderful time of the year approaching fast, warnings of a Christmas food shortage in Britain could put the nations festive spirits to a halt. 

But fear not! We have some tasty festive recipes for you to try out this Christmas. The locked in freshness of frozen peas bursting with nutrients and taste will solve any dinner disaster, so you won’t have to worry about any missing parts of your Christmas supper. The following recipes, which include British-grown frozen peas, are here to save your Christmas Day!

Roast Chicken, Sweet Potato and Orange with a Pea and Avocado Salsa 

If you’re not a fan of traditional turkey or standard festive sides, and fancy a change, why not try Roast Chicken instead? This delicious recipe which serves 4-6 is a great alternative to your classic Christmas dinner, filled with vibrant veggie mains. You can find the full recipe HERE.


Peas, Shrimp and Asian Vegetable Rice Paper Rolls 

Bored of the same Prawn Cocktail starter? Why not opt for mouth-watering Peas, Shrimp and Asian Vegetable Paper Rolls, packed with bright and fresh flavours. Paired perfectly with a peanut dipping sauce, this starter will have the table talking in no time.  


Peas in Blankets 

Christmas dinner wouldn’t be the same without pigs in blankets, but if you’re struggling to get hold of pigs in blankets this year, why not make your own Peas in Blankets! This tasty recipe uses frozen peas, and paired with onion, fresh cherry tomatoes, onion, mint and breadcrumbs is a delicious alternative. 

We hope these recipes have given you some inspiration in creating some alternative delicious recipes, and if you do go ahead and create any of these dishes, be sure to tag us on social. Wishing you all a Hap-pea Christmas!  

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