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7 September, 2021

It’s been two whole years since we set out to secure a pea emoji, but where are we at now?

Some of you may remember that back in 2019 we set out on a mission to secure a pea emoji for our keyboards – which was eventually dubbed the ‘pea-moji’.

In 2019, we set to work drumming up as much excitement as possible and encouraging pea fans across the country to get involved by signing our pea-tition. A human pea pod hit the streets of London to highlight the importance of the pea-moji and set up camp outside Downing Street!

We also worked on an official request to the Unicode Consortium (the organisation which designs and regulates emojis) to make the case for the pea emoji. Our request contained real-life examples of how and when the emoji would be used, suggested keyboard positioning and suggested keywords. The request has now been grouped with other foods for consideration at the next annual meeting!

Fast forward two years and it’s 2021, now where did that time go?

With the recent release of the 2021 emojis we were thrilled to see some exciting new, inclusive emojis have been launched, but not so hap-pea to see that our beloved pea is once again left out!

So, what’s next you may ask? We’re going to keep campaigning, that’s what!

We’re so proud to say that at the time of writing, our pea-tition has a huge 702 signatures and counting, we’ve even secured signatures from all around the world – yip-pea! We are continuing to raise awareness of this campaign, and with 92% of online consumers using emojis in their everyday messaging* we think it’s only right to keep going until we get the might pea on our keyboards.

From all of us here at Yes Peas! we ask you to continue sharing the pea-tition with your friends and family and thank you for joining us on this journey!

You can still support us and sign the pea-tition by clicking here.

*Source: Adweek

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