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The Pea Place – The UKs First Pea Cafe Opened in London

2 July, 2018

With pop up restaurants having served everything from chocolate eggs and soldiers to simple cereal, this must-visit foodie destination was truly ins-pea-rational.

The pop-up Pea Café, named The Pea Place, set up shop in the City for just one day and brought a taste of the country into the heart of London.

Taking over the Canvas Café, just off Brick Lane, E1, the UK’s first pea-based eatery launched during Great British Pea Week 2018 to engage the public in the flavour, versatility and nutritional benefits of the humble pea.

Organised by the Yes Peas! campaign, the The Pea Place was transformed into a pea paradise adorned with real pea plants and pea green-themed interiors. Visitors to the pop up café ate peas to their hearts content and witnessed first-hand the magic of the nation’s pea harvest which was live streamed on a big screen from field to city.

Visitors to the pop-up pea café were be able to enjoy pea-based delicacies such as Pea, Mint and Honey Ice Cream, Pea and Aubergine Curry, Peas-on-Toast and a scrumptious Pea, Cucumber and Apple smoothie. Farmers were on hand to share their passion for peas, answer questions and encourage the nation to put more peas on the menu!

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