Macho Peas on Sourdough Toast with Grilled Halloumi






200g defrosted peas, crushed

olive oil, for frying

1 mild red chilli

a small handful of flat leaf parsley

8 fresh basil leaves

8 fresh mint leaves

1 block of Greek Halloumi

sea salt flakes

freshly ground black pepper



2 slices of sourdough

Sriracha sauce

griddled vine tomatoes (optional)


Finely chop the red chilli, removing the seeds if you do not like it too hot, and then chop the parsley, basil and mint. Slice the Halloumi into fairly thick slices and leave to one side.

Place a frying pan over a medium heat and add a good slug of olive oil. Fry the chilli and add the crushed peas, chopped herbs and season with a little salt and pepper.  Cook for around 3 minutes stirring well. If you prefer more of a pea purée, mash the mixture with a potato masher.

In a clean frying pan, heat a very little olive oil and when hot, add the slices of Halloumi and brown on both sides.

To serve, divide the warm Macho peas between the two slices of sourdough, top with some Halloumi slices and then finish with plenty of Sriracha sauce.

Serve immediately with some griddled vine tomatoes.

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