Cooking with Peas

Welcome to the tastiest section of the Ha-Pea Zone. Peas are our favourite veggie to add to so many dishes (we may be a little biased). Did you know they work excellently in both savoury and sweet dishes?

In this section, you will find ap-pea-tising recipes packed with all the peas you could ever dream of! Whether you’re a pro-chef or you’re just starting out with cooking, don’t worry we have something for everyone.

Alongside this, we have got exclusive vlogs from our Young Pea Chef winners showcasing their favourite dishes and top tips for the kitchen.

Ready to get started? Don’t forget to share all of your delicious creations for a chance to feature in our ‘Pea Hall of Fame’. There is nothing we love more than seeing what you guys cook up and we will be uploading your recipes every week so get cooking and tagging!

Pea-fect pairings you can find in your kitchen cupboard

Using expert knowledge, we have created the guide of all guides to help you create tasty dishes using ingredients you can find in the back of your cupboard. Sound good? Read our blog below.

Pea-fect Pairings

One of the (many) reasons we love our British frozen peas so much is because they can be added to so many yummy dishes.

Introducing some of the UKs favourite recipes for kids – made by kids.

Below you’ll find a selection of some of the winning recipes from the Yes Peas annual Young Pea Chef of the Year competition. These tasty treats have been created by children across the country. Why not give them at try at home?

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Pea Plant