Ha-Pea Zone

Welcome to the Ha-Pea Zone, where big kids, little kids and grownups can have fun, get their hands dirty and fill their tummies with delicious reci-peas made at home with ingredients you’ve already got in your freezer.

Our Ha-Pea Zone is on a mission to make learning fun and hands on and we’re here to fill your day with cool pea activities that are educational but make your day of homeschooling as ha-pea as possible.

Here you can meet some of our 700 farmers who are growing peas, learn all about how frozen peas got into your freezer from the field, discover fascinating facts about that little green vegetable and even learn how to grow your own at home!

Step inside our Hap-pea Zone and start your journey from growing your own peas, learning all about them through to cooking peas – meet children from the Young Pea Chef of the Year competition and try your hand at reci-peas made by other kids for kids just like you.

We’ll be with you every step of the way and we can’t wait to welcome you to the pod squad!

Get Involved

Growing Peas

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about growing peas can be found right here!

Learning about Peas

In this area of the Ha-Pea Zone, you’ll find lots of activities to help you learn more about peas as well as lots of fun games and quizzes to keep you busy.

Cooking with Peas

In this section, you will find ap-pea-tising recipes packed with all the peas you could ever dream of! Whether you’re a pro-chef or you’re just starting out with cooking, don’t worry we have something for everyone.

Pea Plant